Bad Comic Book Covers: Green Lantern Green Arrow # 94

Fantastic Four # 375

The cover should not make you ask too many questions.

Our fourth installment of Bad Comic Book Covers will discuss Green Lantern Green Arrow # 94 from the DC Universe.

This is a change after our first three discussed Marvel Covers.



Overall, the cover is spaced out and draws your attention over it. Despite this, there are a few things that really irked us.

Considering this issue came out in 1977, we are impressed with the thin monitor the villain is watching the Green Lantern on. 

One problem we have with the drawing of Green Lantern is the left arm. It look like he has an incredibly long forearm and a short bicep. It throws off his entire measurements.

The biggest issue we have is with Black Canary. While we love the character, we are completely unsure what she is doing. It looks like she is secured to a few large gears. Or is she posing in the doorway after she was caught by surprise. 

Also take a look at her feet? This is the same issue we see with Green Arrow where the character dimensions feel wonky.

Do you have any issues with the cover of Green Lantern Green Arrow # 94?



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