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Bad Comic Book Covers – Riptide # 1

Fantastic Four # 375

If you recognize the artist behind this cover, then you know their style.

This time we are venturing back to a familiar face, Rob Liefeld and the work he did on Riptide # 1, released by Image Comics.

We have covered previous Liefeld’s covers but it was hard not to include this one.

The first issue of Riptide was released in July 2014. The cover art is credited to Rob Liefeld, Jonathan Sibal, & Drew Posada.

Riptide # 1

Most of the cover for the first issue felt okay. We did like the color blend from across the page. 

The glaring issue has to be the legs. Just how long are they? It looks like she is the female version of Mr. Fantastic. 

Honestly I had more issues with the cover for Riptide # 2. This goes back to position of the character. At first glance, we thought the character was wearing some kind of headdress.

When we examined it further, we could see it is actually her gloves hands which are positioned awkwardly. 

Another issue we saw has to do with the detailing around the face. Rather the lack of it. Even with her screaming at us, her skin is smooth.

Let’s not forget there are certain things on the cover that appear larger than the title character’s head. 

Share your thoughts on Riptide # 1 or the second one.

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