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Bad Comic Book Covers: Supergirl # 4 1994

Fantastic Four # 375

We return to the world of DC and Supergirl.

The Bad Comic Book Cover series continues with Supergirl # 4 1994 and where we think they went wrong.

Though most of our focus has remained on the Marvel world, we thought it was time to venture back into DC Comics. 

Our decision takes us back to 1994 and a series written by Roger Stern.


Supergirl # 4 1994


Where to start with the Supergirl cover?

At first glance we thought there was only a few issues, but the longer we looked, the more we were dragged in. 

The biggest issue we have the depth of perception and the position of Supergirl. If we start at her feet and work our way up, we get a mixed response. Sometimes she looks like she is inside the building, other times we think she is floating.

Another problem is the position of her right leg. We think she is standing but how long is her right leg if it is indeed touching the ground. 

The final issue we wanted to touch on is facial expressions of the three characters. We get the vibe that Supergirl is pissed and ready to kill the hapless man. The expressions on the other two feels a bit off. We can’t tell if they are more scared of how she looks or if the can’t believe she is attacking them.

Oh yes, we disregarded the bad hair. Well because it was bad hair all around in the 90’s.

Let us know what you think of the Supergirl # 4 1994 cover.


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