Bad Comic Book Covers: Thor # 473

Fantastic Four # 375

The 1990’s comics have some truly epic covers.

The series of Bad Comic Book Covers continues with Thor # 473 and shows us what artists need to work on proportions. 

We are taking a break from DC Comics and will be venturing back into the Marvel world. This time around we are going to stick with the 1990s..

The Thor comic was created in 1994 and centers around Thor and the High Evolutionary. The cover artist was M.C. Wyman and Mike DeCarlo. 

Overall, this is not a cover that makes us go whoa. Instead it was one where the more we examined it, the more it stuck out to us. 

The background was average and the placement of the text worked well enough. The problem comes in with the figures on the cover.

When we focus on the High Evolutionary we are drawn to the lower body. The placement of his legs and feet feels disproportional. 

The biggest issue we se with Thor. His attack posture feels off. Whether it is the lack of legs or the position of his arms. It is disturbing on a few levels.

What sticks out to you on the cover for Thor #473?

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