Bad Comic Book Covers: X-Men # 42

Fantastic Four # 375

Characters die all the time but do they stay dead?

Our third installment of Bad Comic Book Covers will feature X-Men # 42 from the world of Marvel.

We are continuing our trend of Bad Comic Book Covers with another Marvel edition. We promise our focus will branch out more, but so far these are the ones near and dear to us. 


X-Men # 42


Unlike the previous covers we discussed, there are only a few issues we have with it.

One is the how they show some of the X-Men by only drawing their head. Maybe it was the times, or it was easier, but it feels weird to see floating heads around the center scene involving Professor X.

This leads us to our second part. We gather he is suppose to be falling out of his wheel chair. Honestly it looks like he is going to break out into some kind of dance. 

The biggest we see is how they shout out that Professor X is going to die. They made sure we all know this by the mention, “Not a Hoax! Not a Dream! Not an Imaginary Tale! This is for real!”

Do you have any issues with the cover for X-Men # 42?

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