Bad Comic Book Covers: X-Statix # 15

Fantastic Four # 375

Back into the world of Marvel and mutants.

We selected X-Statix #15 as our focus for the Bad Comic Book Covers and we were not disappointed. 

X-Statix series last twenty six issues over a four year span, where the entire team eventually saw their demises. This [articuliar issue was released December 2003 and the cover was created by Mike Alfred.



We will move past the spot where we see Henrietta Hunter hoping over what looks to be the Human Version of Doop. 

Instead the focus is on the body posture of the X-Statix team. Some of the characters look like they are floating, while others make it seem like they are breaking out into dance moves.

There is something off about how the characters are perceived to be moving.

Lastly, there is Dee Milo flying toward us on the top of the page. This is all well and good except it looks like she has two sets of eyes, with the second one being at the top of her breasts. 

The problem is the character has the same color for her eyes and the part of her logo.

Overall we have seen worse, but this one is distracting in it’s own right.


What do you think of the X-Statix # 15 cover?

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