Bad News for People Eager for the Nintendo NX


You can cross the newest console, Nintendo NX, off your Christmas list for 2016.

According to Digitmes, production on the Nintendo NX has been pushed back to early 2017 rather than original plan of starting mid 2016.

The reason?

Nintendo has decided the new system should be ready for the next trend in video games, virtual reality. This is important since their next console is going to be a mixture of video and mobile gaming.

While we are a bit disappointed, it does make sense. Last thing we want to see if for the Nintendo NX to be rushed and pushed out too early and miss out on the chance of having VR added to it.

Another interesting tidbit from the article was they are cutting the production amount from 20 million to 10 million units.

Maybe weak Nintendo WiiU sales of around two million may be a reason behind it?

Either way, this means we are going to change some plans we had for later in the year. We are considering picking it up as a replacement for our Xbox 360. If not, we were going to go with a Xbox One as a Christmas gift.

So much for having our Christmas shopping done.

Are you considering the Nintendo NX once it comes out?

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