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Bandai is Releasing Godzilla Card Game

Godzilla Card Game

The King of the Monsters is looking to make a big impact on other card games.

Bandai is expanding their reach with the creation of the Godzilla Card Game and hopes he can stomp out the competition.

We have reviewed some great card games in the past from our favorite developer, Cryptozoic. Bandai entering the fray with Godzilla is something that caught our attention.

The Godzilla Card game will be based on the new Chrono Clash game system. This system, designed by Ryan Miller, who was part of the Magic the Gathering design teams.

Instead of traditional turn-based play, in this system players share a power resource track, moving the token back and forth based on the power value of the cards they play.  The position of the token determines when play passes to the other player.

The set will include four pre-constructed 50-card decks plus a 16-card sideboard, as well as 24 double-sized cards, 4 turn sequence cards, 4 play mats, and a multi-language play manual

At first glance, we are intrigued by this game. The idea of a power resource track over a turn based sounds intriguing.

Also, we are curious to see what kind of events Bandai is going to set up for the launch with in store game play events.

The game will be intended for 2 to 4 players and will take on average thirty minutes to play. The suggested retail price is $49.99

You can be sure, we will be picking up this new game.

You would you consider picking up the Godzilla Card Game?

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