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Batman Beyond Should Be In The DCU Plans

There is the perfect addition to the new DCU lineup.

The new DCU heads should bring Batman Beyond to the big screen and give fans a different spin on the Dark Knight.

Based on the animated series, we would see an aging Batman hang up his cape until a protégé steps up to fill the void. 

But why would they go this route? Maybe they want to stick with the same old DCEU. There are more benefits if they do change course.

We can see a few positives for this film.

No longer would we need to rehash the alley scene, along with how Bruce deals with the lose of his parents. Now we get to see how he transforms into the mentor role. A new aspect to the Dark Knight.

Also, a new rogues gallery of villains would make their appearances. No more of having the Joker fed to us, over and over again. 

Last but not least is the atmosphere. We would see a futuristic Gotham, meaning new styles and tech.

There are some negatives with making this film.

The struggle would be real to bring in the casual movie goer. They would be ones who have little to no knowledge of it. This could be accomplished by the right trailer and positive word of mouth. 

Another one might be the heavy reliance upon CGI. While the technology is there, we have see where DC films do not always make the right choices when it comes to this department.

If the choice is made to give us Terry’s version of Batman, we would be in line to see it.

Do you think Batman Beyond would be a positive for the DCU?

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