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Batman V Superman Review: Ups and Downs

Batman V Superman Review

Yes, he does bleed.

We had a chance to catch the long awaited movie yesterday and wanted to share our thoughts with a Batman V Superman review.

If you do not care about minor spoilers, click below to read more.

For starters, we can focus on Batman and Superman.

Superman was himself and did a decent job of giving us some more insight into  his reasoning. Ben Affleck did a decent job as the new Batman and Bruce Wayne. Nothing completely amazing here, but nothing to send you screaming from the theater.

One shining spot in the movie was Wonder Woman. She was adequate in the civilian scenes but she shined when the trio took on Doomsday. There was something about the look on her face when she was engaged in battle.

We like how they brought in a glimpse of Aquaman, Flash, and Cyborg.

One downside to the movie was the plot and the director trying to stick too much into this one film. We think BvS would have been better off had it stopped right before the epic Doomsday fight.

But the one thing we did have a major problem with was Martha.

If these two titans would have been in a knock down drag out fight, there is no way the mere mention of the name would get it to come to a halt. This looked like a cheap way to end the fight.

Some people have been complaining about the movie being dark but so were the comics from which the storyline was brought in front. We think the tone will change some when we see rest of the Justice League brought in.

Overall, the movie was worth it despite the few flaws. We would recommend seeing it on the big screen.

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