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Batman Villains DC Needs to Focus On


The Rogues Gallery is full of villains, each one who have proven to be a thorn in the side of the Dark Knight, but there is a problem.

The creative team at DC tends to focus on a select few Batman villains and lets some quality ones waste away in the dark recesses.

By no means are we suggesting they should stop using the Joker, but it would be nice to a change of pace. This would be a perfect way to challenge Bruce Wayne and the readers as well.

These are the Batman villains we think DC needs to focus on going forward for larger story-lines.

Batman villainsScarecrow

He is our top pick for the simple fact he uses Fear against his enemies like Batman. This makes him the perfect foe to see a long drawn out battle. It would be even better if they paired him up with his former mentor Hugo Strange.


Batman VillainFirefly

This Batman villain has been around since 1952,but never managed to be more than a brief cameo over the years. We love the appearance of Firefly and the variety of flame worthy weapons. We would love to see a deeper look at the character and a city wide fire based threat.


Batman VillainTwo-Face

Most know this villain at first site thanks to seeing him twice on the big screen. But he never seem to get his big moments and was always part of another main villain’s plan. A serious focus on Two-Face would be sure to bring in more fans for this bad guy.


Batman VillainClayface

There have been several who held the mantle of Clayface, but the one we would love to see more of is Matt Hagen. Part of it is due to our love for the Batman The Animated Series. What we say of this version made us crave more.


Batman VillainHush

We got our first big taste of the DC Villain Batman:Hush but man we want more. This childhood friend proved to be a master manipulator and came close to undoing the Dark Knight. We want him to have a bigger go at him. Besides his look is downright solid.


Let us know if there are any Batman Villains you think DC needs to focus on.

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