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Battle Night: Cyber Squad-Idle RPG Has Potential

Battle Night: Cyber Squad-Idle RPG

Venture into the year 2098.

FT Games created Battle Night: Cyber Squad-Idle RPG based on a cyberpunk world focused well designed battles and character development. 

We decided to take a break from simulation games like Idle Police Tycoon and give this one a try. 

You create a six person team made up from the various camps (Machine, Tamer, Martial, Nature, Fallen, and Hacker). The key is to determine which situations they are better suited for. 

The teams are vital for you finding success whether you are running up against PVE or arena teams. There are daily tasks you can complete to help you earn various power cells, coins, gems, etc. As you increased your player level, you will find more areas open to you.

Battle Night Cyber Squad-Idle RPG


We have been playing the game for the last few weeks and we have to say that we were pleased with out it shaped out. We tried out the different camps but found the Martial and Nature camps fit with our playstyle. 

There is some strategy to the game when it comes to figuring out which characters you want to evolve and how you want to lay out your formation. We do like some of the NPCs made as they keep us engaged in watching the battle play out.

The game would have been more enjoyable if we had the ability to pick which attack our team would use. Most of the time it felt like you were watching a quick time event. 

We did notice once we reached around level 65, the grind through the PVE levels felt like it went slower. Especially when it came to taking out the boss. It feels like we need a five level buffer to ensure our team to make it through.

In the end, Battle Night is a decent game, especially if you are a fan of the genre. If you have a few extra bucks to drop on it, it might provide even more entertainment. 

If you had a chance to play Battle Night Cyber Squad-Idle RPG, let us know what you thought.

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