Ben 10 Omniverse Feature Figure Eatle

Ben 10 Omniverse Eatle

Power Boy was thrilled when he landed the Ben 10 Ultimate Alien Deluxe Omnitix for Christmas. While he was happy with it, he wished more could be done with it.

It was Power Boy’s not so subtle way of angling for a feature figure.

Since there was some extra money left on his Target gift card, Power Boy opted to pick up the Eatle Feature Figure.

At first glance, the six inch figure is the same as the four inch except for the back. There is a button there, when pressed, will move Eatle’s antenna forwards.

The figure comes with a voice box offers two different sayings when activated. If you have the Omitrix, you will hear a third saying.

Power Boy can’t decide if he wants to set them on a shelf to display or to play with them with his own Ben 10 Action figures.

We would advise not to spend your money if you do not own the Omnitrix or unless you prefer to have a larger scaled toy model.

Ratings $$$ out of $$$$$

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