Ben 10 Omniverse Hunt Day 1: Jurryrigg

Ben 10 Omniverse JuryRigg

We started our hunt for new Ben 10 Omniverse toys the other day and we managed to luck out with our second stop at Target.

Power Boy spotted JuryRigg the moment we walked onto the aisle.

Though he has appeared in only one episode on Ben 10 Omniverse, he is a character any kid would love.

When it comes to figure, there are several positive things about it. The top two reasons we like it is the great detail in the figure and the vibrant colors.

Power Boy also digs the Aviator outfit they have on JuryRigg.

The one issue we have is the tail.

I understand how it is easier to package the items without the tail attached.

But like previous Ben 10 Aliens with tails, we found it has a hard time sticking sometimes. I may end up using some Super Glue to keep it in place.

Overall, Power Boy and I are pleased with this figure and would have no problem recommending it.

Rating $$$$ out of $$$$$

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