Ben 10 Omniverse Hunt: Day 2

Since we arrived back from Florida, Power Boy has become determined to buy any of the new Ben 10 Omniverse characters when they are released.

So I decided to help him out. we struck a deal that if he went participated in one extra karate class per week and did what he was supposed to, we would visit our two local Target stores to see if they had any new stock in.

We are successful on our first hunt and snagged JuryRigg.I did remind him prior to our second hunt that it was highly unlikely to be lucky two weeks in a row.

Sad to say but I was right. We did not see any new characters at either Target. Instead we saw the same leftover characters from the previous trip; Ben 10, Rook, Eatle, and Spidermonkey.

Check back next week for another attempt at locating a new Ben 10 Omniverse figure.

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