Ben 10 Omniverse Hunt Day 3: Kickin Hawk

Ben 10 Omniverse Kickin Hawk

When Power Boy and I left for our third hunt for new Ben 10 Omniverse figures, I must say I did not think we were going to have any luck.

Power Boy was disappointed with the first Target we visited and found only a handful of Ben 10 figures. The second store we visited proved me wrong.

We found Kickin Hawk and Khyber waiting for us on the shelf. Power boy opted for Kickin Hawk and said he is waiting for the Malware figure to be released.

The detail on the figure is ideal but we are definitely please with the articulation of the figure. Overall we are pleased with the figure and think it is one of the best Ben 10 Omniverse figures out there. If you have the chance pick it up.

Ben 10 Omniverse Khyber

So far we are batting .667 which is better than I could have hoped for. Let’s see if it holds up for us next week.

Rating $$$$$ out of $$$$$

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