Ben 10 Omniverse’s Newest Alien: Atomix

Ben 10 Omniverse – Atomix

Power Boy and I had been enjoying the 3 part series: Ben 10 versus Albedo, which ended with the reveal of his newest alien, Atomix.

The first thing we learned is Atomix could take a punch when he went head to head with Ultimate Humungousaur.

This newest alien form had a counter for whatever Albedo threw at him and had no problem taking him down.

Even though it was a small sampling, it looks like Atomix is going to be one of the most powerful aliens Ben has.

Based on what we have seen with him, we are super excited to see what other alien transformation we will see for the remainder of this season.

On a sidenote, there was one scene in the “For a Few Brains More’ episode which had us laughing to hard, we almost fell off the couch.

It happened when Ben 10 changed into Pesky Dusk.

At first, Ben was disappointed with the transformation until Khyber began to shake in his boots and revealed he was terrified of him. The alien form paid off for Ben who used it to put Khyber to sleep and enter his dream. Khyber ended up telling Ben where Albedo had run off to with Azmuth.

If you had a chance to check out Atomix, tell us what you thought

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