Bendy and the Ink Machine Wave 3 Pop Figures Coming

Bendy and the Ink Machine Pop Figures

Funko is venturing into Bendy’s world one more time.

This time they have created new Pop figures from the hit video games with their Bendy and the Ink Machine Wave 3 lineup.

Since we previously covered Bendy Wave 1 and Bendy Wave 2 pop figures, it made sense to cover this one as well.

The following characters are going to be available in this wave.

  • Bendy Doll
  • Piper
  • Striker
  • Fisher
  • Projectionist
  • Boris  FYE Exclusive
  • Alice Angel Gamestop Exclusive

Here are some images of the Bendy and the Ink Machine Wave 3 figures.

We are glad to see Funko decided to venture out and give us the Butcher game characters. We were always curious what they would bring to the table and boy they did not disappointed. We love the look of them, especially the projectionist.

The exclusive Pop Figures for FYE and Gamestop are adequate but nothing that makes us go crazy for.

We think this batch is a decent one if you are a fan of the game and see a few we would love to add to the collection.

What do you think of these Bendy and the Ink Machine wave 3 pop figures?

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