Best Buy Releasing Dark Pit Amiibo on July 31

Dark Pit Amiibo

Best Buy will be releasing their exclusive Dark Pit Amiibo on July 31st and you can be sure the demand will out weigh the supply.

But will it reach the same craziness as the hunt for a previous Best Buy exclusive Amiibo, Meta Knight.

This new exclusive character is from the Kid Icarus: Uprising as the mysterious copy of Pit. The plan set out by Best Buy is as follows.

– They are not allowing any pre-orders of the Dark Pit Amiibo.

– You can buy only one Amiibo, which is a good thing so one person can not grab them all.

– Sold on a first come, first serve basis.

We may try to venture out to grab he newest Amiibo but we are not 100% sure yet. Power Boy loves the Super Smash Bros for his 3DS, but he has gotten used to playing with the characters available.

Are you going out this Friday to see if you can pick up a Dark Pit Amiibo?

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