Best Options for Pre-Ordering Skylander Trap Team

Skylander Trap Team

We have already started to see different pre-order pop up for the upcoming release of Skylander Trap Team.

While they all have the same going price, some of the retailers have decided to offer different things for their customers.

Toys’r’Us has decided to try something new by offering a sweepstakes with each pre-order giving the buyer a chance of winning anything from a figure to a shopping spree at Toys’r’Us in New York.

While this is nice, we are leaning towards it the pre-order at Target.because of the randomness of a sweepstakes. If you purchase through them, you will find a Trap Villain already saved on your elemental trap.

Personally we hope we see something like Gamestop did when they had Dark Skylanders out for Swap Force.

Let’s see what other retailers, like Wal-Mart and Best Buy offer if you pre-order Skylander Trap Team. Is there anyone you are leaning towards?

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