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Best Power Rangers Villains

Sometimes the good guys are more forgettable.

The Best Power Ranger Villains came about after long discussions about which of the villains were truly the best.

The majority of the villains tended to be comical in their design or plan of attack, but there were some villains who took things to the next level. These were the ones who stood out over the years and made their mark on us.

Here are our favorite Power Ranger Villains in no particular order.

Rita Repulsa – Though she was not the most powerful villain the Rangers faced, she was long lasting.
She was there in the beginning and continued to crop up throughout a few series.
Lord Zed – Hands down, he was one of the scariest villains to show in the Power Ranger series.
He was not happy with beating the Rangers, but he wanted to wipe them from existence. ,
Goldar – Hands down was on of the earlier villains that gave the Rangers troubles.
This is part of the reason we were disappointed on what they did with him in the movie.
Koragg, The Knight Wolf – The fearsome warrior from Mystic Force, had a sleek look and an honor code that endeared him to some.
Sledge – The bounty hunter earned a spot to his look and the complex plans he would create to overtake his foes.

Who would be on your list of Best Power Rangers Villains?

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