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Best Way To Fix the DC Universe

DC Universe

Sure the DC Universe has some issues, but there is one solid plan to fix it.

After spending some time thinking about this, the best way to fix the DC Universe came to us a like a bolt of lightning and no it wasn’t Shazam.

Rather there is a fix that would put DC Comics in a unique position and separates them from Marvel. The answer is…

The Legion of Doom.

Legion of DoomThe reason is simple.

Marvel has the market locked down with the path they took to form the Avengers.

Anything DC Comics does now, it feels like they are copying them to the casual fans.

While we know they are not, DC needs to focus on bringing something new to movie goers and this is the right path.

Marvel has some smaller villain groups, like the Sinster Six and others, but they do not have anything like the Legion of Doom.

How could they do this?

For starters, they do not need to do any introductions to the villains. We have already seen a good number of them popping up in the various DC movies. They need to build upon this with the upcoming Wonder Woman, Shazam, and Aquaman.

This would give them a roster of Lex Luthor (Yes, we know he is not the best version), Cheetah, Black Adam, Black Manta and perhaps the Joker. (Same thing as with Lex)

You could toss in a few more, like Solomon Grundy, Captain Cold, Sinestro, and perhaps Scarecrow. This would give fans a unique roster and have the heroes placed in some unique battles.

You could throw these last few in at random or maybe add them in during a second movie.

By running with the Legion of Doom, the will give comic book fans something to latch on to. In the end, this would work out best for DC and Marvel, but especially the fans.

How would you fix the DC Universe?

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