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Best Ways To Avoid Bootleg Toys

Avoid Bootleg Toys

Bootleg toys still exist and are getting tougher to distinguish from theĀ  legitimate toys but there is some hope.

We wanted to share a few things we have learned over the years on how to avoid bootleg toys and protect your money from some unscrupulous people.

Yup, there are some people who would rather cheat you out of your money than spending the time doing legitimate work. It could happen on Ebay or down the street.

But lucky for us, it is easy to spot them fake toys if you know what you are looking for.

Now there are varying level of bootlegs.

First there are some blatant ones where you can spot it right off the bad. Here is a good example.

Avoiding Bootleg Toys

The Amazing Spader-man?

Well, they were almost right. While this would not fool most collectors, it may catch an unsuspecting parent or grandparent who is in a rush to grab a last minute gift.

The problem is with the advancement of technology, the bootleggers are getting more crafty with their work.

To help combat this, there are a few things when you are making a purchase from an unknown seller.

  • Package or Box Art Check for the standard things, like a UPC code, fade or incorrect text/spelling, and label misprinting.
  • Unfocused Pictures Nowadays, there is no reason a picture should be out of focus, unless they want it to be.
  • Trademark If you can not find one anywhere on your figure, then you should question it.
  • Paint Job Poor quality means poor workmanship, something toy manufacturers steer clear form.
  • Face Sculpting More often than not, a poor one means a bad toy – one way or another.

Those are just some of the things we look out for when trying to spot those fake toys.

One good way you can protect yourself is do your research up front. This way you know what you are looking for and will be able to make an informed decision.

Let us know what steps you have taken to avoid bootleg toys.

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