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Sharing our love of toys, video games, movies, board games, and more.

Our Best and Worst of 2017

Best and worst 2017

The past year has been an interesting one indeed.

We spent a few days narrowing down our selections and finally came up with our best and worst of 2017 for movies, video games, and other moments.

Last year we put out a similar list for 2016 and 2018, we wanted to continue the trend with sharing our thoughts. We took a look at everything we played, watched, or experienced and made our choice.

For the most part, we were all on the same page. On to our Best and Worst of 2017.

Best Movie – The Last Jedi and LEGO Batman were in the running for the best movie of the year. After looking at which one had the biggest holes, we went with Arnett’s Batman. The movie hit all of the right notes, something the majority of the DC movies have struggled with.

Worst Movie – There was no other option than Monster Trucks, the movie no one should had even considered making. Everything from the acting to the CGI was not redeemable. We are only glad this movie can be put behind us now.

Best Video Game – Injustice 2

We were eager for the followup to the first fighting game JG13Gamer played and we have not been disappointed. Between the additional character reveals and the upgrades to the system, Injustice 2 has been a solid hit for us.

Worst Video Game – Hello Neighbor

On the flip side, there is Hello Neighbor. We had high hopes for this game but it has resulted in too many wasted hours spent being spawn killed by the neighbor or not being given any real direction on how to proceed. We still have some hope for the game but not a lot.

Best WWE Moment – Miz Splits His Pants

This was a moment that caught everyone by surprise, including the Miz.  It had us cracking up.  Just glad he had tights on underneath.

Worst WWE Moment – Braun Strowman

We do like seeing him tear through guys but most of the times, we feel like Vince is trying to force him down our throats. The last thing we want is to know what the guy upstairs wants. Then there are times they back off of him completely. It has been a confusing year.

Best Pop Figure – There were several from us to chose from but in the end, the choice was Surtur from the Thor Ragnarok Pop figures. We just love the overall look and design of the figure, making it a must own.

Worst Pop Figure – Though we were a fan of the new It movie and some of the Pop figures, the worst one had to be the Walmart exclusive one. The one where Pennywise wore a wig. The color seems off and covers p to much of the figure’s face.

Let us know what is your best and worst of 2017.

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