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BFN: Last Buffs Nerfs for Plants

Last Buffs Nerfs for Plants

Which plants should get some love or the dreaded nerf as BFN winds down?

JG13Gamer put hit thinking hat on to decide which last buffs nerfs for plants should be put in place by PopCap with their final update. 

The decision by PopCap/EA to pull the plug on BFN did catch us by surprise, but it did not deter us from thinking how they could improve the game. Especially when it came to the characters on the whole. If you did not see which BFN abilities we felt could use some love or the hammer, you should check it out.

On to the plant characters.


Pea Shooter

  • Pea Cannon should have damage reduce to 30 and have splash damage reduce to 10. A reduction from 48 overall damage.
  • Pea Soup can be corrected with a reduced duration.
  • Last Ditch is broken since it hits in the 90s. The shot would work better hitting in the 50s. Also reduce splash damage to 20s. 


  • You know what….fix FACE BITE. They can not end the update for the game with an upgrade grayed out. 
  • Also fix in Rapid Chomp. It still does the damage in PVP.
  • Grody Goop needs to have tick damaged lowered to 2 points.


  • The Heal and Revive beams still work when the character is dead. This needs to be fixed. 
  • Sun Beam should let the Sunflower take less damage while in use.


  • Buff the primary damage to resemble Bandit Cactus from PvZGW2,
  • Petal propeller should give the Cactus quick speed movement and a hit box to protect her.


  • Peel Shield should have the damage cap reduced to 400. This way you don’t have to pray that it drops.
  • Spin Dash could have a damage reduction or a two second vulnerability for Citron. 


  • Jinx should receive a buff with a Splash radius.
  • Reduce the effectiveness of Goatify when it comes to the aura affecting targets. Can be done by making the Goat image better.
  • Removed instant invincibility from Enigma. 
  • Thorns Legendary primary or fire rate could be toned down to give her balance for damage increase. 


  • Increase the health for Corns without Shogun upgrade. 

Acorn / Oak

  • Acorn – no issues. 
  • Oak – passengers have a better version of Sap Trap. 
  • Oak – passengers giving Oak protection while being healed. 


  • Would be ideal if she could receive Crits from the opponents back.  Would enforce role as a stealth character. 

Snap Dragon

  • No issues.


  • Dandelion drone could have an increase to health but lower the damage to 100.

What are the Last Buffs Nerfs for Plants you would like to see for BFN?

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