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BFN: Last Buffs Nerfs for Zombies

Last Buffs Nerfs for Zombies

Which zombies should get some love or the dreaded nerf as BFN winds down?

JG13Gamer put hit thinking hat on to decide which last buffs nerfs for zombies should be put in place by PopCap with their final update. 

Though PopCap had decided to call it quits on BFN, we wanted to take a look at the zombies to see which ones could use some help or need the nerf hammer. We previously discussed some abilities that needed their attention.

Now it is onto the zombie characters as a whole.


  • Buff up the fire rate on the primary weapon. 
  • Rework Rapid Fire to mirror how Corn has to build up the rate with vanquishes. 


  • Added weight to the Imp Punt so it doesn’t bounce as much.
  • Buff the Sprint Tackle with a bigger hit box and accuracy (due to it aiming more to the left)
  • Correct issue where Sprint Tackle vanquish should speed up Refresh. 


  • Rework the turret to where characters gets XP since he is supporting with it. You could even reduce the effectiveness of it.


  • The Warp needs to be toned down. Added a cooldown between using them, perhaps four to six seconds. This will force them to think when to use it.


  • No issues.

Super Brainz

  • Overall his class is fine. He needs assistance with Hit Detection on either version. This has been an issue since Founders and ha snot been fixed.
  • Branium upgrade should tone down damage on charged hits. i.e. 1st charge 75 damage and 2nd charge 90 damage. 


  • Imp – Buff up the damage for his primary shot, to four to six per shot. Never felt this was an issue. 
  • Imp – Shift Gravity Grenade to how it was in PVZGW2 where it would disable the opponent’s abilities. 
  • Mech – Buff up the damage on the primary shot.
  • Mech – Buff up Robo Slam, has been non-existent since Founders. 

80’s Action Hero

  • No issues.

Cadet / Space Station

  • Cadet – No issues.
  • Space Station – The Space Force should have the fire increase lowered or the rate it refreshes moves. 
  • Space Station – Hands On Torpedoes can have the damage reduced to 100.


  • Removed instant invincibility from Out of Fight,


  • Spell Disaster can have the homing ability lowered, no need for it to be able to do a 180 turn to hit an enemy. 

TV Head

  • The Yeti Drone could have a slightly larger hit box or tone down the Speed Upgrade.

What are the Last Buffs Nerfs for Zombies you would like to see for BFN?

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