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Birds of Prey: Did Not Live Up to Expectations

Birds of Prey

Harley Quinn returns to the big screen, but this movie did not help further her.

When the Birds of Prey movie was announced, we had plugged it into our Must See Movies of 2020. Something that we do regret now. 

We were on board with this, especially after her standout appearance in Suicide Squad.  As the movie drew closer, the concern with it grew. Could Harley do enough to carry the movie as the main figure.

Before we go into the meat of our review, we will refrain from any spoilers for the Birds of Prey movie.

There are some positives we saw in this film.

The soundtrack was perfectly crafted with the film. The music fell in line with the action and progress of the movie. 

The last Act of the movie was spot on. The character’s action made sense as did their dialogue. The action scenes were well choreographed as he action flowed. They did a great job of showing the team interact to protect the girl. 

We thought Roman Sionis (aka Black Mask), Huntress,  and Black Canary stood out. The actors did a solid job with the dialogue given to them.  The only knock we had on Black Mask was at time, he came off more whiny than threatening.  Had it not been for McGregor performance, he would have been worse than Steppenwolf. 

On to what we did not like with the movie. 

Overall, this movie felt like two in one, which is where the problem lies. The first two Acts felt like the director is trying to hard to show how all of the characters are connected. It is not that the connections did not make sense. Rather it is how they showed it.

By moving back and forth in the time line, it made it felt like we were stuck within the same window of time. Frankly it wore us out. We think they could have done it a better way.

The second thing we did not enjoy was the fourth wall dialogue. They wanted to make Harley more like Deadpool, when she isn’t. The opening introduction was good, but we could have done without the additional commentary. It made us feel like they were changing Marvel again. 

Hopefully DC Comics and Warner Bros will eventually figure out how to create a good team up movie. (Hint – Maybe take a look at Shazam again.)

In the end, this is a movie most people can pass on in theaters. this movie will not be responsible for bringing in more fans. Save it for when it comes to Netflix. 

Let us know what you thought of Birds of Prey.

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