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Black Panther Review: Marvel Keeps Upping Their Game

Black Panther Review

Two simple words, Wakanda Forever.

The latest Marvel movie has kicked off the 2017 movie season in a big way and we wanted to share our thoughts with our Black Panther review.

The story takes places after the end of the end of Civil War and introduces us the background of Black Panther and his country, Wakanda.

You are introduced to T’Challa’s country and his family before things get turned upside down. The movie does a solid job of showing the path of both sides and the conflict which drives them.

The best part of this movie has to be the characters and their development.

JG13 Gamer was a huge fan of Erik Kilmonger. The backstory gave Kilmonger a true reason for why he was trying to take over Wakanda. He is one of the most recent villains that has given fans hope for the future.

The leader of the Dora Miljae, Okoye, made her presence known in this movie. This was a welcomed changed to a comic universe where woman are sometimes left as after thoughts.

Another added bonus is this can be used as a stand alone movie. A movie-goer could see this film while having little to no experience with the Marvel universe.

There were a couple down spots that we could not pass on for our Black Panther review.

The CGI was solid for the majority of the time but there were some occasions when it seemed on par with the Justice League. We are glad it was something we could look past it.

The pacing for the majority of the movie was solid but it felt a bit slow at the beginning.

overall, we give this movie a nine out of ten and is a must see in the theaters. While it will be one to add to the home collection, this movie looks great on the big screen.

If you had a chance to see the movie, share with us your own Black Panther review.


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