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Black Panther Wakanda Forever Review: Hard to Follow Up

Black Panther Wakanda Forever

The Black Panther continues on.

Black Panther Wakanda Forever opens this weekend and where how Phase 4 will end up, no one is quite sure.

One thing that will be evident is the loss of Chadwick Boseman. But will they detract or enhance the movie.

On to our review and first up is what we liked about the movie.

For starters, there is a definitive Black Panther at the end. It iw what was expected, but we liked how they got there.

The loss of Boseman / T’Challa is felt. From the opening credits to the very last one post credit scene. This movie is not built on the action sequences but rather on the relationships of family and friends. It focuses on those who call Wakanda home.

Speaking of the one post credit scene, this feels like the MCU going back to its roots. There is no big cameo, just something unexpected that brings things full circle. 

Hats off to Ryan Coogler and the Costume department. We love with they did with the Mayan culture and how they brought it in. It felt similar to the Black Panther movie with with first time we see Wakanda. 

M’Baku (Winston Duke) may be a secondary character he darn near steals all of the scenes he is in. We are a bit curious to see how the third Black Panther plays out based on the ending. 

There are some points in the movie where it contradicts itself.  

The first one came when Shuri is saved whiled Namor is lured away. The plot made a point of showing how she tried to figure out a way to save her. She ended up leaving the young one to die and it seemed to be the final straw for Namor. This breaking point  is what led the attack on Wakanda and another surprising death.

Another one is Namor. 

It is hard to pin him down. Sometimes he is acting like the protagonist we expected and playing sides against each other. Then there are those moments where you see his human side starting to emerge. 

By the time the movie is done, we still feel Namor is going to use the relationship with Wakanda to get what his underwater Country needs.

Fans of the earlier MCU movies should enjoy this one. While it is set in the universe, the focus is on Wakanda and moving through tragedy. 

If you have seen Black Panther Wakanda Forever, let us know what you thought.

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