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Black Widow Pop Figures Coming Soon

Black Widow Pop Figures

Black Widow is fast approaching and that means one thing, Pop figures.

Funko will continue their Marvel fandom with the release of the Black Widow Pop Figures during the coming months and we are intrigued. 

The collectible giant has done a great job with previous Marvel characters, like their Venomized lines. When you combined that with our hype for the Black Widow movie, we were going to take a look.

We decided to lower our expectations prior to taking a look at the Black Widow figures. Here are the characters who will be available in this new line. 

  • Black Widow in Street Clothes
  • Black Widow in White Suit
  • Taskmaster with Shield
  • Taskmaster with Bow
  • Red Guardian
  • Yelena
  • Black Widow in Grey Suit  **Walmart Exclusive
  • Taskmaster with Claws  **Walmart Exclusive

Here are some images of the Pop Figures.

The one thing we liked about this line is there are no OMG figures. You know, the ones that make you wonder what were they thinking.  

If we had to choose, it would be between the Red Guardian, Black Widow in the White Suit, or Taskmaster with the shield.

You can expect to see these either in March or April to help get Marvel and Funko fans hyped for the movie.

What do you think of the Black Widow Pop Figures?

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