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Borderlands 3: Director’s Cut Class Mod Grades

Borderlands 3

Which vault hunter ended out with the better deal?

The Director’s Cut Class Mod Grades are in for Borderlands 3 so which character got the shaft this time around for the new Legendries.

While we still enjoy the game, the continual updates have us even more excited. Since last discussed the new Skill Trees, we have wanted to see what they were going to do with the Director’s Cut. 

If you are interested in any of the following Class Mods, you will need to take down The Seer in Scryer’s Crypt this is the final boss in Ava’s Murder Mystery Missions.


Hands down, the Death’s Blessing for Amara is the best. When you kill an enemy with the Remnant Orb, it spawns a Blessing Orb. Once you touch it, it will give your Vault Hunter an additive bonus of 250% for Weapon Damage.  Based on some recent videos, it seems more like it is a mutipltive bonus. 

One example was taking down Traunt. Without the Class mod, Amara had to empty six mags before it was taken down. When the Class Mod was added and the bonus was received, it took only one mah

Even if they tweak this in the future, the Class Mod bonuses to Wrath, Atman, and Remnant are worth it.


The Heat Exchange gives Iron Bear and Iron Cub gain up to +80% Minigun damage with increased Minigun Heat. The related skills are Really Big Guns, Feature Creep, and Scorching RPMs.

This will add some more punch to your Iron Bear but it may not be noticeable based on its current damage. While the Class Mod is not the best, it has some use if you are a fan of the minigun.


The Role Reversal Class Mod caught our attention until we took a deeper look. It gives yours Pet-Crits have a 40% chance to return 1 grenade to your reserve. 

The related skills are Eager to Impress, Monkey Do, and Throatripper.

The problem is, there are multiple ways for you to gain additional grenades. The more common ones come from the Loader Pet or the Peregrine Class Mod which allows a Rakk to drop a grenade when they hit an enemy.



We had high hopes for Zane, but when we saw the Critical Mass and what it did, then it was dashed when we saw the purpose.

A kill from a Critical Hit, 100% of ammo is returned to Zane’s mag.

The text is misleading. It does not mean it replaces your ammo, rather it gives you a free reload of your own ammo.

There does not feel like a lot of synergy with the Deja Vu, Domino Effect, and Playing Dirty. On their own, you can get ammo back instead of using your own.

Sure there are slight bonuses for Fire Ratio and maybe an extra shot, but not a lot of bang for the bug.

One example is if you focused on these skills and went hunting with your Skull Smasher.  If you manage a critical kill with using 5 pellets, you will get 5 pellets replenished. 

You are better off with another Class Mod

Perhaps we will see some changes in the future to address the low end Class Mods. Even so, you can be sure we are not giving up our Zane main.

What are your Director’s Cut Class Mod Grades?

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