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Borderlands 3 New Skill Tree Rankings

Borderlands 3 New Skill Tree Rankings

Who doesn’t like a new skill tree?

After taking all of the news in, we decided it was time for our Borderlands 3 New Skill Tree Rankings based on JG13 Gamer digging into each of them.

The Designer’s Cut will be available November 10th.  Sure we are disappointed that they decided not to offer new characters like in Borderlands 2. And no, we do not buy the excuse they did not see enough sales. 

On to our rankings by JG13 Gamer.

1A – “The Professional: for Zane

It has the Mantis Cannon skill, which offers 3 shoots and results in Shock damage. The new tree is centered around critical hits and kill skills. I like how it feels Zane received the extra oomph he needed.

The tree should help getting to the action skill easier. If you combine it with the Seeing Red cap stone, his best option appears you may not need the Seeing Dead com. This tree appears to synergize more with the other trees, offering more damage to the Drone or Clone.

I really like the Cold Shoulder ability since changes up the Cannon damage from Shock to Cryo and allows him to freeze faster. 

Side note, I am currently running an allegiance build with Jakobs and looking forward to this tree.

1B – “Enlightened Force” for Amara

The tree focuses on melee and more melee. Previously the closest she had was in the “Brawl” tree where you had to rely on other variables. Face Flare ability is an interesting one, because of the potential for significant damage and deletes your enemies health bars. 

I like Cryo was added into the tree where you can convert her action skill into Cryo. If you combine this with Infusion from the Orange tree, any gun she uses will have Cryo. This will allow players to get Cryo at an earlier level. 

Don’t forget her Capstone “Clear the Mind” gives you the ability to ignore any elemental resistance on your enemies for 8 seconds. 

Overall, this tree made Amara a better character with plenty of options. Do

2 – “Trapper” for Flax

The tree focuses on the survivability of you and your pet, along with increasing the pet’s damage. The action skill Gravity Snare is a good stunning crowd control ability. Also the new pet Flax receives is the Loader Pet which does damage Shock damage at the basic level. 

The standout skill, “Fuzzy Math” should works nicely with Mega Vore Capstone. If you have a high projectile weapon, there is a slim chance your shield won’t go down. This is something I would love to experiment with.

The value for this one comes with the pets. This is a tree Legendary Dad will be trying out while combining it with the Blue tree to see if a Pet can be a viable tank. It might be hard to pick considering his other trees are more valuable.

3 – “Bear Mother” for Moze

The focus is on Iron Cub, who receives benefits from Iron Bear and Moze, along with the Ignite status affect which appears to be a weird choice based on her previous focus. Right there, I don’t see a standout skill that makes this tree useful.

The Captsone “Running on Fumes” is where Iron Bear or Moze ignite enemy, Iron Bear does not consume fuel for a set time. When we saw this in action on Iron Cub, we only saw it not using fuel when it was not moving.  This did not make us feel any better about it.

At this point, Iron Cub feels like the worst action skill in BL3. Thought it can get aggro off you, the lack of receiving a lot of the bonuses, Iron Cub feels under powered. This is something we hope to see fixed on release day.

If they can fix this drawback, Iron Cub could be more useful.  Also you might want to consider using a Fire build if you are going with this tree. Personally I would stick with the Green tree.

Though he is not sure where things will end up, JG13 Gamer will come back in a month or two and let you know if the rankings have changed for Borderlands 3.

What are your Borderlands 3 New Skill Tree Rankings?

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