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Borderlands 3 Villain Prediction

Borderlands 3

Villains are key to success in any video game especially the Borderlands series.

This was the main reason why we wanted to focus on the potential Borderlands 3 villain considering we should be hearing more about this upcoming release shortly.

JG13 Gamer decided there are four potential villains we can see in the next game, which we hope is announced at E3 in June.

Sure we don’t know much about the game but paying attention to the games has given us some potential clues.

Tannis ( 20 to 1 odds)

The main reason Tannis was one of our choices for a Borderland 3 villain is an easter egg found in a recent Battleborn update, which was also created by Gearbox. The statement ends saying “Tannis is not what she seems..

Also Marcus from Borderlands is suspicious of her and has specific dialogue saying there is something up with her.  Some other contributing factors is she is an expert in Eridium, Sirens, and Vaults.

Lilith (20 to 1 odds)

The main factors are her addiction to Eridum and how she was the vault key to awaken the Warrior. This kind of impact

She also has shown a willingness to backstab anyone outside of Roland. She even betrayed Jack in the presequel. Even after Athena tells her story, Lilith wants to kill and is saved by a third party.

Rhys (100 to 1 odds)

The main factor behind him landing on our potential Borderland 3 villain list is the ending to Tales from Borderlands. Here he is corrupted by the Handsome AI and unleashes his inner Jack to take him over.

Despite this, he is least likely until he enters the vault of the traveler.

Seraphs (3 to 1 odds)

The biggest factor behind this selection was the dialogue from the vendors and the relics. First take a look at the Hammerlock DLC.

“Nakayama wasted time with Jack when he could have pursued true power.”

“For all of the professors intellect, he knew nothing.”

Then there is the vendor from the Scarlet DLC.

“What ever is coming blows Jack/Hyperion out of the water.”

There are two other interesting comments said by all vendors.

“Seraphs hold many secrets.”

“The Seraphs are waiting.”

On to the relics.

Relic of Shadow “Shadow is a copy of self only shader.”

Relic Might of Seraph “Becomes the Unstoppable Force.”

Relic Blood of Seraph “The power courses through you.”

Relic Breath of Seraph “Their return is to be feared.”

Some other things caught our attention. Hyperius has two different voices, one of which is possibly as a Seraph Guardian.

Another clue is Seraph crystals use Eridium, which shows a strong connection between the two resources as you use it to summon the raid boss like Pyro Pete.

The mysterious vendors earned the nod for the top spot to be the villain for Borderlands 3.

Who do you expect to see as the Borderland 3 villain when the game comes out?

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