Breaking Bad and American Psycho Vinyl from Funko


Funko delivers with new Vinyl Idolz.

The company who gives us Pops galore decided to give us a Breaking Bad and American Psycho Vinyl Idolz figures. We are sure you are going to say take our money before we say another word.

The first figure is the main man from Breaking Bad, Walter White. He dressed up in his chemical suit ready to get to work.

The second figure is Patrick Bateman who is dressed to kill. He actually is since he comes equipped with his poncho and handy ax.








In the past, Funko has been a hit or miss with some of their Vinyl Idolz but this time around we think they did a decent enough job.

Both of the figures are in their iconic wardrobe, which makes them stick out from the norm.

Do you like the Breaking Bad and American Psycho Vinyl or will you pass?

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