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Can Wildflower and TV Head Help Save Battle for Neighborville?

Wildflower and TV Head

New characters are coming to Battle for Neighborville

Wildflower and TV Head are joining the fray in the Battle for Neighborville but is it going to be enough to keep the game moving forward?

The game by PopCap and EA has been around for almost a year and lately it seems to have grown a bit stale. Some of the issues from the beginning still surround the game but there have been some successes, like Wizard. 

We know the pandemic issue may had messed up some of their plans, but they still needed to move forward some way, some how.

One way to achieve this is by making new characters based on current NPCs. A few things come to mind with these new characters.

Swarm Category

This tidbit dropped today and we have to say it gave us more hop for the characters. This shows us that they are trying to create new things within the game and are not content with recycling old things. One of the concerns we had is them ignoring certain issues, like Fall Off. At times, it makes us think they have little concern for the game. Until they do something like this.


Another concern we have with these characters is are we going to be able to customize them. We would not want our opponents to be able to blend in easier with the identical AI wandering around. Also it takes away some of the uniqueness of the game that has been given to players. It would be a mistake on the devs part if they opt not to let us change their looks.

Proper Release

One thing we are concerned about is why they came up with these characters. Maybe they wanted to create a gift for those who purchased the Founders edition. This would be a good reward while making others use coins to buy them. 

Though we have a nagging feelings they might have come up with the characters because they are having issues making other new ones, like Ice Plant or Berry Brigade. Maybe we are looking too much into this.

In the end, we think the creation of these new characters has the chance to give the game a shot in the arm it sorely needs.

What do you think of the new characters Wildflower and TV Head?

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