Captain America: Civil War Figures Features Black Widow

Black Widow finally gets her due.

Hasbro’s new Captain America:Civil War figures line features Black Widow and it is about darn time.

You see, in previous action figure lines for Marvel The Avengers movie line, one of the characters was sorely missing, Black Widow. Perhaps it was due to the super hero world being predominantly male, but there have been strong female heroes in the Marvel Universe.

Black Widow has been a key part of the movie success since she appeared in Iron Man 2, yet she has rarely been showcased in the toys.

We are glad to see things have changed and are looking forward to the Civil War figures being released.

Black Widow 12in Figure
Iron Man Black Widow








Hasbro i& Marvel are late in the game when it comes to getting these out, but at least it looks like they are planning on making up for it.

Make sure to keep an eye out as the Captain America: Civil War Figures should start showing up on toy shelves.

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