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Captain America Civil War Review: Knocked It Out of the Park

Captain America Civil War Review

Captain America Civil War ups the ante in the Marvel Universe as Avengers take sides and go toe to toe.

We saw the latest Marvel installment from their Universe and are eager to share our thoughts with our Captain America Civil War review.

Before we go any further, we will not lay out any spoilers to key parts for the movie. We love to see comments from our readers and would like you to do the same for the first week or two.

Now on with our Captain America Civil War review.

On the positive side, we love the battle scenes that are spread throughout the movie. We get to see Bucky in action a lot more this time around and love seeing the power he possesses.

As for the huge airport battle, man oh man, did the Russo brothers do an amazing job. Not only do you get to see hero against hero, but see others step in to help those on their side. This is one of the most memorable parts of the movie.

We love the newest additions to the Marvel Universe, Spider-man and the Black Panther. The actors did a solid portrayal of the comic version and action scenes were perfect.

The story line was well done. We were able to get a clear understanding of what was causing the divide among the Avengers and why it was coming to a boiling point.

Despite all of the positives, there were a few negatives to the movioe.

For starters, the inclusion of Spider-man into the battle between the Avengers seems iffy. While we do love his inclusion and the performance if the newest version, we are not sure why he was brought in.

Another thing that made us scratch our head was some of the powers the heroes had. One good example is the speed at which Bucky and the Black Panther were able to run. Maybe we missed it in the comics but we had no clue they were that fast.

The last thing is the main villain, Zemo. Personally I think we will learn there is more to his actions than what we saw in the movie. If so, then we are more than pleased, other wise his appearance is a definite meh.

Overall, this movie ranks near the top of the list, right under Age of Ultron. You should go see this movie in the theater and definitely pick up the DVD when it comes out.

Let us know what you think and share with us your own Captain America Civil War review.

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