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Captain Marvel Review: Is a Mixed Bag

Captain Marvel Review

Are we starting to see cracks in the Marvel armor?

The newest addition comes to the Marvel Universe but find out if the heroine faltered with our Captain Marvel review.

We previously discussed some areas where we were concerned with the Captain Marvel movie. Some came true, others did not.

Let’s find out with our Captain Marvel Review.

There are a few things we love from the movie. First and foremost, there is Goose. The cat who is not a cat. The times when they used CGI, it felt semi realistic.

Samuel L. Jackson had to show a lighter side of Nick Fury which was a welcomed sight. Who knew he was a cat person.

Another positive was Ben Mendelsohn as the top Skrull. From start to finish you are drawn to him when he is on the screen. If the Skrulls has a future in the Marvel franchise, they need to keep him around.

There are some negatives we have with the Captain Marvel.

Brie Lawson does a decent job as Captain Marvel throughout some parts of the movie, other times she seems just there. Perhaps it was the direction given to her but it feels off when watching it.

Another issue is the Skrulls. The movie did a decent job with a swerve, but their design brings back memories of the Dark Elves from Thor 2. Also, even though the Kree were the bad guys, we never felt like they were the main push behind the movie.

The last call out is the action scenes. At times, they were fluid and you could feel it leap of the screen. Other times, it felt the standard fare.

In the end, the movie does enough to keep you entertained and moving forward until Endgame.

Let us know what you thought with your own Captain Marvel Review.

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