Carnage Marvel Mini Bust Looks Great

Carnage Marvel Mini Bust

Thanks to the success of Venom, we should start seeing more of this guy.

The Gentle Giant company is creating a Carnage Marvel Min Bust and it looks the perfect addition to any fan of the deranged psychopath.

Carnage has been one of our top five favorite Spider-man villains but thought we would never see him on the big screen. Things changes with the Venom movie and that might be part of the reason this collectible was created.

The mini bust will stand 9.25 inches tall and about 7.5 wide and will spotlight some of Carnage’s more noticeable attributes. 

Here are some more images of the Carnage Marvel Mini Bust.

At first we were not sure how it would turn out but have to say we love the look of this mini bust.

We think the Gentle Giant captured the essence of the character with the posture and the solid paint job.

Honestly, we don’t think you could go wrong picking up this bust. The price maybe a tad on the high end but it looks well worth it.

Would you consider picking up the Carnage Marvel Mini Bust?

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