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Cars 3 Review: Back to Their Roots

Cars 3 Review

The Cars franchise comes back for a third time with the hopes to revitalize the franchise that struggled with it’s last outing.

Pixar reintroduces fans to the unique world filled with various vehicles and personalities but is there enough there for a positive Cars 3 review?

The movie focuses on Lightening McQueen and the rest of his friends. We see what happens after he suffers a major wreck and he has to bounce back against a younger racer who is seeking the top spot in the race for the Piston Cup.

Before we move on to the review we do realize the movie is moving out of theaters this weekend. Things have been hectic but since it was on our 2017 Must See movies this year, we wanted to make sure to check it out on the big screen.

There are minor spoilers in this review but we did your best to keep the major parts out of it. On to our Cars 3 review.


  • The underling tone of the movie is spot on. This is what Pixar has done best with other franchises, like Toy Story. A definite improvement over the last installment.
  • McQueen is back in the spotlight. While Mater is an entertaining character, there is not enough there for him to carry a movie.
  • The old/new supporting cast of McQueen’s friends do a great job even when their parts are minimal.


  • Sometimes it felt like they were trying to make the ending too nice and neat. We know billionaires make deals all the time, but this one seemed a bit unrealistic.
  • Merchandising. Hope you did not take the little ones to check out the toys before seeing the movie. They are plenty of spoilers and questions raised by checking a few of them out.
  • Some of the jokes are on the mark but there are some definite meh moments.


Overall we like the final product. It is easy to look past the negative parts of the movie and enjoy it for what it is. We would definitely recommend this movie whether you have seen the earlier ones or not.  This is the best movie in the franchise.

If you have already seen the movie, share with us your Cars 3 Review.

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