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Castle Crashers Xbox 360 Review

Castle Crashers

Power Boy introduce me to a new game he has been playing, Castle Crashers. The game is created by the Behemoth and released back in 2008.

So yes, we are a bit behind the curve. I am just glad we stumbled across this.

After a few weeks of game play, which included us finishing the game at the basic level, we thought it was time to share our thoughts on it.

The one thing Power Boy likes about the game is the magic used by the characters. The spells are different for each character and have different playability.

I enjoy the game since it reminds me of the old school scrolling combat games.

I have to give the creators a lot of credit, the boss is a beast if you are not prepared.

Thankfully Power Boy was able to pick up my slack and knock him out when he was down to little health and no potions.

Power Boy would like to change how difficult it is to get the alien pet and wishes there was a way to get Hatty Hattison that was legal.

In the end, we gave this game one of our best reviews not only because of how it plays but also for the minimal cost.

The game does not cost a lot. It is available for 1,200 C through Microsoft Xbox, which equates to $15.00. There is some downloadable content available as well for the game, and the price is reasonable, about 160C.

Rating $$$$$ out of $$$$$

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