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Chicago Comic Con 2016 Images & Haul

Chicago Comic Con

Comic conventions come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing is for sure, Wizard World puts on one heck of a one.

We had a blast at G-Fest in Chicago last year, so this time around we thought it was smart to give the Chicago Comic Con a chance and we are glad we did.

Our first experience with conventions was Motor City Comic Con but we decided to celebrate JG13 Gamer’s birthday this year by heading out to Chicago.

Our first impression was simply, Wow.

We spent two days at this event and we needed every minute of it. If we had know, we would have grabbed an extra night at the hotel.

We saw countess vendor booths, which had everything from the standard fare to things found in the deepest part of the web.

Artist Alley was simply amazing. Not only was their a wealth of talent, but every one we came across with was openĀ  to small talk about their craft. It helped create a good connection with new and old fans.

The panels at the convention were worth it too. The only complaint we had was they did some rescheduling of events and missed out on one we wanted to check out.

We found all kinds of cosplay outfits and we wanted to share some of the best ones we found.










Hands down the best cosplay we came across was Voltron.










Here is a clip by JG13 Gamer showing off his haul from the Wizard World event.

Sorry about not sharing some of these Chicago Comic Com images sooner but things have been hectic. Let us know if you were there.

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