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Chose a Side: Iron Man or Captain America

Choose a Side

The Marvel heroes are split down the middle and the time has come to choose where you stand.

Captain America: Civil War comes out this weekend and the time has come to choose a side, Team Iron Man or Team Captain America.

Just like the movie, we are split at the Toy Locker when it comes to where we stand on the center issue of the movie.

I lean toward Team Iron Man while Power Boy leans towards Team Captain America. We have discussed the topic of registration at length and did our best to convince the other side. But in the end, we have remained steadfast in our decision.

My decision to support Iron Man and the registration effort is simple. Any and all super heroes, except a few who have less than desirable powers, who have the ability to make an individual dangerous or a threat for a variety of reasons.That being said, no one should be without accountability for their actions. The registration will help maintain the individual’s responsibility.

On the anti-registration side, Power Boy says it is not about accountability. Rather the protection of the individual and those close to them. The point can be driven home by the fact the bad guys don’t have to follow the rules.

We have planted our flags and lines have been drawn in the sand. You know who we are backing and why.

Let us know where you stand on the Civil War and choose a side.

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