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Closing Thoughts on BFN

Plants vs Zombies Battle for Neighborville

The best days are gone.

The radio silence from EA has encouraged us to share our closing thoughts on BFN as it appears the game will be left to the wayside. 

We were excited for the game when EA released Plants vs Zombies Battle For Neighborville. As time went on, we saw there were some problems there was no coming back from.

There are a few reasons why we feel the game failed.

The lack of content was a glaring issues with the game. Part of the problem appears to have been caused by the launch of Founders. It feel like the team never had a chance to recover from the earlier miscues and found themselves playing catch up. There were multiple new characters left in the files that would have increased gamer involvement. Also it would have been nice to see more PvP battle areas throughout  the year.

Better customization was another issue. There seemed to be an overuse of Slabs, Punchers, and Emotes as a way to reward the player when we would have prefer to see more skins or sets. Some characters, like the Wizard, had limited skins and felt like they were tossed in the garbage pile.

The last issue for our closing thoughts on BFN is the use of the Prize Maps. Sure they were helpful during the first year, but were not helpful beyond that. We wish they would have taken a different approach with them as extra content, not main PvE content. 

There are some positives.

Hands down, we think they did a good job with the new character classes. While we would have enjoyed seeing the variants for them, it was still fund learning to play Snap Dragon, 80’s, or the Wizard.

In the end, the failure of this game feels like a nail in the coffin for the PvZ Garden Warfare series. Maybe if they take a few years off, it is something they could revisit. Otherwise we feel this is the last time we will see a game in the shooter format. 

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