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COM: All-Star Batman # 1 Review

All-Star Batman

Two-Face takes aim at the Dark Knight in the featured August COM from the DC Universe.

Fans get to see the return of Scott Snyder as he gives new life to Batman and Harvey Dent in All-Star Batman # 1.

Two things are what urged us to pick this one up.

We had perused a few of Snyder’s contributing works in the New 51 and we were curious what direction he would take here. Also we wanted to see what he would do with Two-Face.

We loved the story and the direction it took. Two-Face shows off why he is a mastermind as he puts the masses up to decided whether they are a hero or a bad guy wanting to come out.

The reader is given a solid mix of action and mystery through out.  It took a page or two to get used to the artwork by Romita Jr., but by the end it made for the perfect pairing with Snyder.

The price point of $4.99 was a bit higher than we expected but in the end, all we have to say is there is nothing like seeing Batman wielding a chainsaw.

All-Star Batman 2All-Star Batman 3Information

  • Published by DC Comics
  • Released Date 8/10/16
  • Story by Scott Snyder
  • Artist(s): John Romita Jr, Danny Miki, Declan Shalvey
  • Colours: Dean White, Jordie Bellaire

If you picked up All-Star Batman # 1, let us know what you thought of it.

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