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COM: Old Man Logan 13 – The Last Ronin

Old Man logan 13

The Last Ronin story arc comes to a close in Old Man Logan, but did it deliver?

Old Man Logan 13 concludes the story where Logan traveling to Japan where he experienced parallels from his past and ends up being a mixed bag.

The brightest spot of this story has been the amazing artwork put on the page by Sorrentino. The reader is given a wide wide variety of scenes and vast emotions.

The art work is unique enough to remind you what you are reading without being over done.

We made sure to share some of the more impressive pages below to give you a taste of their work.

The story is solid and matches up well with the Old Man storyline. While we are a big fan of the younger version of Wolverine, there is something about seeing him at this point in his life.

One area of slight concern was it felt like the story was stretched out to fill five issues. It might have been better served to be condensed down.

Overall, Old Man Logan 13 was a solid issue and helped close out an interesting arc for one of our favorite mutants.



  • Published by Marvel
  • Released Date 11/15/16
  • Story by Lemire, Jeff
  • Artist: Sorrentino, Andrea
  • Color: Maiolo, Marcelo


If you have been an avid reader of Old Man Logan 13 and the rest, let us know what you thought of it.




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