COM: Plants vs. Zombies – Petal to the Metal # 9

Our Inaugural Comic of the Month

The first comic we will discuss is Plants vs. Zombies – Petal to the Metal # 9. We have picked up and were not sure what to expect aside from the epic battle between the two sides.

Dr. Zomboss has decided to unleash a handful of fast-moving mobile zombies on the citizens of Neighborville.Readers are treated to a race filled with fast cars and inventive contraptions from the Plants and the Zombies.

One of our favorite one was the Piggyback Skaters. Also, the giant mech, Massive Munch Machine, Dr. Zomboss brings out at the end was a treat.

The scenes were easy to follow and kept us engaged until the end of the comic.

This is the final issue for the Petal to the Metal story arc. While we missed out on the previous ones, we did enjoy this issue enough to warrant us going back to picking up the rest of it.

If you are a fan of the games, then this is one you need to pick up.

PVZ Petal to the Metal 1PVZ Petal to the Metal 2


  • Published by Dark Horse Comics
  • Released Date 2/17/16
  • Story by Paul Tobin
  • Art by Ron Chan
  • Colors by Matthew J. Rainwater
  • Cover by Ron Chan

If you are a fan of Plants vs. Zombies, the Petal to the Metal issue is worth picking up.

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