Countdown to Skylander Trap Team (Week 6) Five Things We Want to Return

Another week down means we are even closer to the release of Skylanders Trap Team. Power Boy and I wanted to share with you five things we hope return in newest release of the Skylander series.

1) Sharing Money – It was a welcome change to see this in Swap Force, a big improvement over chasing down every last coin before your teammates got them.

2) Calia Heroic Challenges – It definitely gave us a challenge and a new change of pace and were tougher than Brock arenas.

3) Drill-X – How can you go wrong with a rapping giant robot.

4) Upgrade Pods – When you gain a new level, the last thing you want to do is to head back to town just so you can upgrade your abilities. Let’s hope they follow the same path as Swap Force.

5) Elemental Gates – These are fun and enjoyed how they were set up based on their elements. With the arrival of Trap Team, it might mean there are too many gates and Activision might want to chop one.

Is there anything you would like for Activision to make sure they bring back in Skylander Trap Team?

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