Cryptozoic Announced New Challenge of the Superfriends Card Game

Challenge of the Superfriends Card Game

The heroes from our childhoods have returned in the form of a card game.

Cryptozoic Entertainment announced the release of the Challenge of the Superfriends Card Game which is based on the popular animated show.

The fast paced game is not like some of their DC deck building games. The style is easy to learn and perfect for 2 to 4 players to get enjoyment during a short gaming session.

The new Challenge of the Superfriends card game will consist of the following.

  • 82 Cards
    • 4 Power Decks (10 Cards Each)
    • 32 Objective Cards
    • 10 Challenge Cards
  • Rulebook

Power Cards are revealed to select available Objective Cards, which either feature DC Super-Villains that grant Victory Points or traps that take away points. These cards show special abilities or allies with accompanying text that can change the outcome in surprising ways. In addition, there are Special Power Cards that are unique to their DC Super Hero.

The player with the highest total Victory Points after six rounds is the winner of a match and the first player who prevails in two matches is the winner of a game

This is a card game we will be adding to our collection. The Superfriends were a big part of my childhood and Cryptozoic has shown in the past they are able to make quality games.

This is the perfect game style to kill some time waiting for dinner to cook or waiting in line for a movie.

You can pick this game up at your local hobby retailers for $15.

Would you consider picking up the Challenge of the Superfriends Card Game?

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