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Cryptozoic Announces Release of Spyfest


Who doesn’t like to play the Spy?

Cryptozoic created the spinoff of their Spyfall series with Spyfest, that is sure to challenge your spying abilities. 

We have discussed previous games by the company, like Cult, based on their design and premise. This one is no exception. 

The game was made for four to ten players and roughly take thirty minutes plus to complete. 

The goal of the Spy is to have their own team guess who they’re dressed asa memorable historical or fictional characterbefore the opposing team. In order to do this, the Spy and their team will use a special Keyword as well as their quick-wittedness, imagination, subtlety, and impressive talent for mingling.


We do like how the game pairs up players to form two teams. This adds an extra touch to the game and forces people to work together. 

Another win in our eyes is the creative approach they took with designing the characters cards. Not only is the art eye catching, but there are plenty of options to bring out a good chuckle. Especially when it comes to the historical characters. 

In the end, the key to this game is creativeness and that is never a bad thing. 

You can grab yourself a copy of the game from Cryptozonic for $25.00. 

Does Spyfest sound like a board game you would be willing to try out?

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